Welcome to Washington Dual Language Academy!

The English-Spanish Two-Way Dual Language Program at Washington Dual Language Academy allows students in prekindergarten through eighth grade to learn in Spanish and in English. Each classroom is comprised of native English-speakers and native Spanish-speakers. The richness of our diverse student population is an added bonus for our community.


At Washington Dual Language Academy we strive to prepare students to achieve academic excellence across all curricular areas in their native language while acquiring a second language. We are committed to providing a holistic and nurturing environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. We hold fast to the belief that a student need not lose a language to learn another and that additive bilingualism benefits all students in the development of their cognitive, academic, linguistic and socio-cultural proficiencies.


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Our Mission

District 89 empowers, educates and inspires students to achieve personal excellence in a multi-cultural society.